Hauts de Seine Tourisme

Hauts-de-Seine Tourisme

The Open-Air Museum

Accessible free of charge to all and at any time, the collection of the open-air Museum of The La Defense counts more than 80 works of art, realized by more than 50 artists of 14 different nationalities. The biggest signatures of the contemporary art are represented to it. The artists were strictly associated to the work of the architects and the town planners.

In perfect symbiosis with their environment, the works glorify the paving stone, punctuate out of standards spaces formed by tours, liven up ponds, dress walls … Works of art confer strength and vigour on the public place, while punctuating him it with poetry, with sweetness and with sense . Source  of emotion and surprise, they balance the urban set by giving a very inspired, very human dimension, in the avant-gardist architecture of the site.

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