Hauts de Seine Tourisme

Hauts-de-Seine Tourisme
  • La Défense


    Behind the scenes of "French Manhattan"

    10 a.m. A tour of the business district : On this unique tour, La
    Défense revealsits unexpected treasures. Through a series of original
    scale models, plans and designs, theLa Défense Museumlooks back
    over 50 years of bold architectural innovation in Europe’s number-one busi-ness district.

    In the all-stone square, you will not fail to marvel at the breathtaking towers
    and the whiteness and imposing size of the Grande Arche. Here you will
    also see an array of monumental sculptures by artists like Calder, Miró,
    César and Agam, which make this lovely esplanade into an authentic
    open-air museum.

    Finally, you will be able to appreciate at your leisure the incredible concrete
    vault of the CNIT, an as yet unparalleled feat of engineering, and the quiet
    originality of the Church of Notre Dame de Pentecôte.

    Lunch in a restaurant on the square.

    2.30 pm End of programme.



    Useful information

    Price per person: ¤42 (Based on 30 people)

    • Validity : Daily except Sunday
    • Special : Option of booking an afternoon tour, rounding off with a light snack : ¤25
    • Itinerary : on site
    • Towns concerned : La Défense

      The price includes:
    - Admission and guided tour of the sites
    - Lunch (including beverages)
    - Free for the coach driver
    2.30 pm End of programme.